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This is the site of Adrian and Kathie Kingsley-Hughes, authors of technical books on such diverse subjects as PC Hardware, Programming, Web Development and GPS. More info on our books can be found in the books section. You'll also find lots of information and other support material relating to the various topics covered in the books.

The site also covers our wider interests, including the outdoors, bushcraft and geocaching.

The site was started in 2000, so you'll find some older items are left in place for posterity's sake.

About Us

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes - I am a technical consultant and author. I have been around (and inside, on top of and beneath) computers for over a decade.

Around ten years ago I became involved in IT training and wrote over 50 technical manuals used by a variety of training companies and Fortune 500, 100 and 50 companies.

Things took off from there! I teach online classes in PC Maintenance and Programming (among other subjects) at Barnes and Noble University and CNET and I also write a blog for ZDNet called Hardware 2.0 in addition to running the PC Doctor's Guide blog, Windows Vista Info and the cartoon Antrageous Antics.

-- Adrian June 2006

Kathie Kingsley-Hughes - I've been writing books on technical subjects including IT, web development and programming for some years now. Adrian got me involved in writing on hardware-related subjects too including Hacking GPS and Build the Ultimate Custom PC, which was a great experience!

In addition to writing about technology, I work in courseware development and training, as well as running an IT consultancy. Since 1998 I have also also written and taught online classes at ZDU, Smart Planet, Element K and Barnes and Noble University. As of March 2006 I am looking forward to becoming a regular contributor and class leader over at CNET. (A special welcome to all CNET readers visiting here!)

As well as this site, I run the Hacking GPS blog as well as my new fledgling blog Vexentricity. Come on over!

-- Kathie June 2006

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The site is updated frequently so be sure to visit again soon! And if you'd like to see something added, email us - we welcome ideas for new content and feedback from visitors!
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