Compiled here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions about out JavaScript book, JavaScript 1.5 by Example.

Is this just another JavaScript reference?


Why "by Example"?

The "by Example" series is a series of books that teaches a skill not by going deep into the theory of a topic but, just as the title say, by example. So, instead of pages of theory you get just the theory you need and thorough examples to back that up. You are then free to modify the examples and use them in your projects! Personally, I like the format because it offers a refreshing change to the hugh tomes on scripting that are on the market.

Why "1.5"?

Because publishers like to have the latest version numbers on cover! At the time there were quite a number of JavaScript books on the market that had "1.5" in the title so it was decided that this would make the book more compelling! The truth is that most of the code works with earlier engines. However, the book does cover most of the major changes leading up to 1.5.

Who is it written for?

Anyone (beginners- and there's nothing wrong with being a beginner - to intermediate level) wanting to learn of further their knowledge of JavaScript.

Is the book suitable for beginners?

Yes. No prior knowledge of scripting is assumed.

I can already use a little JavaScript. Will I benefit from the book?

Absolutely! There are many in-depth projects and examples in the book that are bound to show you something new and interesting.

I'm an experienced JavaScript user. Any point me buying the book?

Only if you want to hone your fundamental to intermediate level skill and make sure you've not missed a key concept or core skill. However, bear in mind that it is a book aimed at those with much less skill and experience than you in JavaScript.

Can you give me details about the book?

Paperback: 312 pages
Publisher: Pearson Education
ISBN: 0789724995

Where can I buy the book?

Most good bookshops including    Barnes & Noble

Also available in Adobe reader format.

Where can I download the source code for the exercises?

Right here! (zip file 57Kb)

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes
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