The PC Doctor's Fix It Yourself Guide

by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes

Fix, maintain, and upgrade your PC and install software and peripherals with help from this easy-to-use guide.

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The PC Doctor's Fix It Yourself Guide includes the following chapters:

Part I Overview
1 What’s What—the Anatomy of a PC
2 Files and Folders
3 Improving on Perfection
4 Safe Computing
5 Helping Yourself
6 What You Need to Fix-It-Yourself—and Stay Safe

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Part 2 The Details: The Hardware
7 PC Case and the Power Supply
8 Motherboard, RAM, CPU, and BIOS
9 Hard Drives and Floppy Drives
10 Other Data Storage Devices
11 Monitors and Graphics Adapters
12 Expansion Cards
13 Networking
14 Connections
15 Input Devices

Part III The Details: Software and Data
16 File System Care
17 Backup
18 Improving Performance and Stability
19 Making More of the Internet

Part IV Appendixes
A Glossary of Common PC Terms & Abbreviations
B Websites
C Tools
D Common File Extensions

Important note for Linux users!
Contrary to some early draft cover photos of the book that appear in online catalogs, "The PC Doctor's Fix It Yourself Guide" does NOT cover Linux or Palm OS devices. Sorry for any confusion.

Published by Osborne McGraw-Hill (opens in new window).

ISBN Number:  0-07-225553-6
List Price (US): $29.99
List Price (UK): £16.32
Pages: 504

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Adrian Kingsley-Hughes
Last updated: Aug 24th 2004
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