VBScript Programmer's Reference,
Second Edition

by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Kathie Kingsley-Hughes, Daniel Read
ISBN: 0-7645-5993-1
June 2004
720 pages

Published by Wiley

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There are reference books on VBScript and there are VBScript "how-to" books, but only Wrox's VBScript Programmer's Reference (2nd Ed) combines a definitive language guide with a thorough, easy to follow guide to the language. New to programming or need a refresher? No need to worry because the book comes fully loaded with an introduction to programming basics and VBScript is covered from scratch - no previous knowledge or experience is assumed and the book is accessible to all levels.

Don't like typing in code for examples? No worries! The code is all available for download from the Wrox website - more accessible than a CD! Download the code examples today for free!

Some people have asked us why the book doesn't come with a CD. Well, CDs are not all they are cracked up to be. Adding CDs to a book costs a lot of money, and that cost would be passed on to you. By providing downloadable code, the book is cheaper and saves you money! Also, we can easily update the code to correct any minor errors or in order to respond to changes to operating systems and other technologies. Finally, with the book you'd only get one CD and if you are separated from that CD you can't get at the code. With a web download, all you need to get at the code is Internet access!

Bought the book and think you've spotted an error that got by us! We'd like to hear about it! Fill in the online feedback form or visit the forum.

We hope you enjoy the book. We firmly believe that it it the BEST VBScript book on the market and we hope you think so too and find it useful, interesting, informative and fun!

Table of Contents
  • Introduction.
  • 1. Introduction to Programming.
  • 2. What VBScript Is- and Isn't.
  • 3. Data Types.
  • 4. Variables and procedure.
  • 5. Control of Flow.
  • 6. Error Handling and Debugging.
  • 7. The Scripting Runtime Objects.
  • 8. Classes in VBScript.
  • 9. Regular Expressions.
  • 10. Client-Side Web Scripting.
  • 11. Super-Charged Client-Side Scripting.
  • 12. The Windows Script Host.
  • 13. Windows Script Components.
  • 14. Script Encoding.
  • 15. Remote Scripting.
  • 16. HTML Applications.
  • 17. Server-Side Web Scripting.
  • 18. Adding VBScript to Your VB Applications.
  • Appendix A: VBScript Functions and Keywords.
  • Appendix B: Variable Naming Conventions.
  • Appendix C: Coding Conventions.
  • Appendix D: VB Constants Supported in VBScript.
  • Appendix E: VBScript Error Codes.
  • Appendix F: The Scripting Runtime Library Object Reference.
  • Appendix G: The Windows Script Host Object Model.
  • Appendix H: Regular Expressions.
  • Appendix I: VBScript Features not in VBA.
  • Appendix J: VBA Features Not in VBS.
  • Appendix K: The Variant Subtypes.
  • Appendix L: ActiveX Data Objects.

Kathie Kingsley-Hughes
Last updated: July 19th 2004
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