Building Forums with vBulletin coverBuilding Forums with vBulletin

by Kathie Kingsley-Hughes & Adrian Kingsley-Hughes

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Want to run your own vBulletin-based community? Looking to upgrade your forum to vBulletin? Want to get the bet out of your existing web community? You need "Building forums with vBulletin"!

"Building forums with vBulletin" is aimed at the vBulletin forum administrator that wants a quick run down of the features made available to them by the forum software.

Download a chapter excerpt of the book: (PDF 422KB)
Chapter 4: Customizing Your vBulletin Board

Why buy the book? We can think of seven good reasons:

  • Install and configure vBulletin - we guide you through what to expect
  • Learn the your way around vBulletin with a thorough guided tour
  • Customise your forum to meet the unique requirements of your community with practical tips and advice
  • We teach you how to administer users and posts, appoint staff to moderate your forum or moderate it yourself
  • See how to upgrade your vBulletin installation, or upgrade other forum systems to vBulletin
  • We show you the basics of how to create a beautiful forum by designing templates or adjusting existing ones
  • We take you through how to install hacks to change vBulletin's behaviour or add new features you will even see how to create your own hacks
Table of Contents
  • Chapter 1: Introduction to the vBulletin Board
  • Chapter 2: Installing and Configuring vBulletin
  • Chapter 3: A Tour of vBulletin
  • Chapter 4: Customizing Your vBulletin Board
  • Chapter 5: Administering Your Forum
  • Chapter 6: Upgrading vBulletin
  • Chapter 7: Changing the Look of vBulletin
  • Chapter 8: Developing a Hack
  • Chapter 9: Programmer's Reference
  • Appendix A: vBulletin Directory Structure
  • Appendix B: vBulletin Resources, Hacks, Add-ons, and Templates

ISBN: 1-90481-1671
May 1st 2006
244 pages

Published by Packt

Buy from:
Barnes & Noble

Kathie Kingsley-Hughes
Last updated: May 10th 2006
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