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Case Fan noise Reduction

I had a noisy fan in one of my PCs. After some investigation I traced it to a case fan. There was nothing wrong with the fan itself it was that the fan body was rattling against the case.

I decided that this was a good time to try out one of those fan noise reduction kits that I'd seen in PC World a few weeks earlier.

These kits are both simplistic and quite cheap. Basically it's a silicone rubber frame that fits around the fan and this forms a cushion between the fan and the PC case. In the kit I bought there were also some silicone washers and new screws.

Fan noise reduction kit

The silicone frame fitted easily over the fan and actually held on pretty well - I had thought that it would fall off and be a major pain to fit (the kind of thing that needs four hands)!

Fan noise reduction kit fitted

The screws that can with the kit were self-tapping screws so all I needed to do was screw then into the holes in the fan and they cut their own threads. Just remember to add the washers!!! These go on the outside of the case so that the fan and the screws are sandwiched between vibration dampening silicone rubber buffers.

Fan noise reduction kit fully fitted

The $65,000 question is this - is it quieter? YOU BET!

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes
Last updated: Sept 9th 2004
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