Modem AT Codes

AT Attention Code Must appear at start of all commands except A/ and +++
A Answer Command Answer incoming call
A/ Repeat Last Command
Bn Bell Compatibility
B,B0 Variable connection rate ITU-T (CCITT) Compatibility
B1 Variable connection rate Bell Compatibility
B2 Auto-mode V22/Bell 212A protocols
B4 300 bps Bell 103 protocol
B5 1200 bps V22/Bell 212A protocols
B6 2400 bps V22/bis protocol
B7 4800 bps V32 protocol
B8 9600 bps V32 protocol
B9 14,400 bps V32 bis protocol
Ds Dialing Command
DP Dialing Command Pulse Dialing
DR Dialing Command Reverse
DS Dialing Command Dial one of the srored numbers
DT Dialing Command Tone Dialing
D@ Dialing Command Wait for 5 seconds quiet
D, Dialing Command Pause
D; Dialing Command Resume command mode after dialing
D! Dialing Command Hook Flash
E Echo Command
E,E0 Echo Off
E1 Echo On
Hn Switch-Hook Control
H,H0 On Hook (hang up phone)
H1 Off Hook (pick up phone)
In Request Product Code and Checksum
I,I0 Return Product Code
I1 ROM checksum, product ID, ROM version number
I2 Compute ROM checksum
I3 Error Correctio Code
I4 Product ID, ROM version number, modem chip type, fax operatnig mode
Ln Speaker Volume
L,L0,L1 Speaker Volume Low Volume
L2 Speaker Volume Medium Volume
L3 Speaker Volume High Volume
Mn Monitor on/off
M,M0 Speaker off
M1 Speaker on until online
M2 Speaker always on
M3 Speaker on until online and off while dialing
On Return to online mode
O,O0 Return to online mode
O1 Return to online mode and start retrain sequence
O2 Fall forward Return to online mode
O3 Fall back Return to online mode
P Pulse dialing
Qn Quiet Command
Q,Q0 Display result codes
Q1 Don't display result codes
Q2 Display result codes when originating a call
Q3 Return numeric results 32 and 30 for CONNECT 9600 and CONNECT 4800
Q4 Return numeric results 12 and 11 for CONNECT 9600 and CONNECT 4800
Sr Direct Register Command
Sn Select register n as default register
Sn? Read and display value in register n
Sn?^ Read and display value in register n in HEX
Sn=N Set register n to value N
Sn=N^ Set register n to value N in HEX
Vn Verbal/Numeric Result Codes
U Update System password
V,V0 Numeric Result Codes
V1 Verbal Result Codes
Xn Enable Extended Result Code
X,X0 No wait for dial tone No busy CONNECT 0-4 returned
X1 No wait for dial tone No busy CONNECT 0-5 and 9-20 returned
X2 Wait for dial tone No busy CONNECT 0-6 and 9-20 returned
X3 No wait for dial tone Busy recognized CONNECT 0-5,7 and 9-20 returned
X4 Wait for dial tone Busy recognized CONNECT 0-7 and 9-20 returned
Y Long Space Disconnect
Z Reset Command
&V Display al stored profiles
&Zn=s Store telephone number
+++ Escape Code Switch from data mode to command mode

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes
Last updated: May 4th 2004
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