Troubleshooting - green light flashing!

Today, after a session of fiddling about with my iPAQ 3950, I was convinced that I'd terminally messed it up!  Why?  Because each time I placed it into the cradle for synchronization the green notification LED started flashing and carried on doing so ...  the only cure being a soft reset each time.  

Faced with the terrifying prospect of having to send it back to HP (did we ever tell you our HP story ... ?) I investigated further and eventually discovered what I'd done wrong ...

Basically, what I'd done was make changes on the "Notifications" tab in "Sounds and Notifications".   I'd  turned on the "Flash light" setting for the "ActiveSync: Begin Sync" option.  When I messed with this earlier in the day I'd thought the setting was a "global" one covering notifications and hadn't noticed the drop-down box. It's not!  I unchecked the box and all was fixed!

Remember that the "Play Sound", "Display message on screen", and "Flash light for" settings are for each individual event in the drop-down at the top.

So, to summarize the fix ...

1. Tap Start menu, choose Settings
2. Tap "Sounds and Notifications" icon
3. Tap the "Notifications" tab at the bottom
4. Choose "ActiveSync: Begin Sync" at the top of the screen
5. Make sure "Flash light for" is unchecked
6. Choose "ActiveSync: End Sync" at the top of the screen
7. Make sure "Flash light for" is unchecked

Leave checked anything you want the LED to flash for ... just realize the control you have!

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes
Last updated: May 4th 2004
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