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Handy Pocket PC Registry Tweaks

The title says it all ... handy registry tweaks for the Pocket PC.

Warning - Take care when playing with the registry!  One mistake could, at worse, hose the whole system and force you to hard reset, bringing your Pocket PC back to an "out of the box" state, wiping all your data and apps!  At best the mistake might not cause any problems at all while somewhere in-between is instability and crashes.  Take care and backup!  You can backup and restore the registry on your Pocket PC using PHM Registry Editor.

Moving AvantGo Files To Storage Card

Main memory is still at a premium in Pocket PCs even though storage cards are now so cheap.  What really annoys me is when certain applications stubbornly refuse to acknowledge your storage cards and hog main memory.  One of these "hogs" is AvantGo, the web channel downloading software.

  1. Close Pocket Internet Explorer.
  2. Using File Explorer, move your "avantgo\" folder and its subfolders from the "\Windows\" folder to the "\Storage Card\" (or "\Storage Card2\") folder.
  3. Using a registry editor, browse to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\AvantGo\
  4. Change the "DatabaseLocation" value from "\Windows\avantgo" to "\Storage Card\avantgo" (or  "\Storage Card2\avantgo")
  5. Refresh all content.

Low battery warning (Pocket PC 2002)

Pocket PC 2002 displays a low battery warning when the main battery reaches 40%, a warning is displayed as a bubble notification in the title bar along with a sound (to drain the battery faster?).

This notification is not user configurable in the settings like other notifications, but this little tweak will make it appear so you can customize it all you want!

  1. Browse to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ControlPanel\Notifications\
  2. Create a String value named "Default" and set the value to "Low battery warning".
  3. Now go to Start > Settings and on the Personal tab click Sounds & Notifications applet > Notifications tab, and there you'll be able to select "Low battery warning" in the "Select an event" drop-down list and customize it!  Enjoy!

Pocket Internet Explorer Undercover as Internet Explorer 6.0!

Disguise your version of Pocket Internet Explorer Internet Explorer 6.0 running on Windows XP!

Many web sites that require encryption (such as banks and online retailers) don't verify if your browser support high encryption, they just check the browser version.

This registry hack will make Pocket Internet Explorer identifies itself as Internet Explorer 6.0 running on Windows XP, which may let you connect to web site that check the browser version

NOTE - This hack will prevent web sites that provide Pocket PC specific content to be able to know you're actually using a Pocket PC.

  1. Browse to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\
    Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\User Agent
  2. Change the default value from "Mozilla/2.0" to "Mozilla/4.0".
  3. Change the "Version" value from "MSIE 3.02" to "MSIE 6.0".
  4. Change the "Platform" value from "Windows CE" to "Windows NT 5.1".
  5. Some web sites may just compare the user agent string, but if this is not enough, browse to the Post Platform\ sub key and delete the "240x320" value that specifies screen size.

Pocket PC Registry Editors (Free!)

For a free registry editor for the Pocket PC, take a look at the PHM Registry Editor at http://www.phm.lu/Products/PocketPC/RegEdit/, or make life easier and check out RegKing (http://www.cewindows.net/applications/regking.htm) or Tweaks2k2 (http://www.pc-counselor.8m.com/downloads.htm) - these will carry out the tweaks for you!

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes
Last updated: May 4th 2004
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