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Product Review - HP iPAQ h1940/1945 Pocket PC

The h1940 and 1945 from HP are probably the best value of the iPAQ devices available in the UK.  Shop around and you should be able to pick one up online for under £170, making it an ideal entry-level Pocket PC device.

The  iPAQ h1940 and 1945 have the following specification:

  • Processor - Samsung 266MHz 
  • Operating system - Microsoft® Windows® Mobile 2003 Professional software for Pocket PC 
  • Memory - 64MB SDRAM (56MB of which is user accessible), 32MB Flash ROM 
  • Display - 3.5" (89 mm) 240 x 320 16-bit color transflective TFT 
  • Weight - 4.37 oz (124 g). 
  • Battery - Removable, rechargeable Lithium-Ion (900 mAh) 
  • Expansion - Secure Digital (SD) card slot - SD, SDIC & MMC support 
  • Integrated wireless - Bluetooth 
  • Security - Power on password 
  • Input mechanism - Soft "on-screen" keyboard, voice recorder 

In the box along with the actual Pocket PC you also get a USB synchronization cable, an AC Adapter, the battery, a charger adapter, an audio adapter, and the iPAQ Pocket PC companion CD that contains drivers, a copy of the latest version of Microsoft ActiveSync and other goodies and freebies!

One important point to note is that this iPAQ is that is does NOT come with a desktop cradle and only comes with a USB synchronization cable.  The cradle, if required, has to be bought separately.  The cradle can be useful for safely storing the device while charging of during connection to the PC but for other people the cradle is just something that gathers dust.  Either way, HP have decided not to include a cradle with this series in order to allow them to price it competitively.

It's worth noting that both the port at the bottom on the iPAQ is the same on the h1940 and h1945 as it is across the whole iPAQ range, so if you are upgrading, all your old hardware will still fit - making upgrading even cheaper!

What makes this Pocket PC so cheap and "entry level"?  Simple, it's the use of the Samsung 266 MHz processor instead of the faster and more powerful Intel XScale processor 400MHz found in higher-spec devices.  This makes a difference if you plan to use your Pocket PC to play multimedia files a lot but little difference for general document creation, collecting email and web surfing. 

Summary: A well thought out device with plenty of power for most users at a great price!  8.5/10

Kathie Kingsley-Hughes
Last updated: Jul 24th 2004
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