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Here is a list of iPAQ software that we find useful, interesting or entertaining.  Some is freeware, some you'll have to pay for but all of it is stuff we regularly run on our iPAQs!


tAgenda - Get control over Outlook Tasks and get then  on the Today screen.  tAgenda is a plug-in which displays appointments and tasks of Pocket Outlook on the Today screen. You can view tAgenda as a highly functional replacement for the standard 'Calendar' and 'Tasks' Today screen items.

BatMemTime - A Today Plugin to monitor Battery, Memory and Up-Time.

Adobe Acrobat Viewer - View PDFs and eBooks on your iPAQ!

Microsoft Reader - Read Reader eBooks!

Tillanosoft PocketNotepad - Notepad ... on the iPAQ!

Tillanosoft PocketTweak - PocketTweak is a small program for Pocket PC to configure device settings without using any registry editors. 

GPXView - Geocaching software for viewing GPX files used on www.geocaching.com 

Shutdown (Windows XP Style) - With Shutdown for Pocket PCs you can easy perform a soft restart of your device. The dialog style has the same appereance like the Microsoft Windows XP Shutdown dialog.


Pocket Navigator - View maps, plot waypoints and see your position live on the screen (if you have your iPAQ linked to a GPS!).

TomTom Navigator 2 - The ultimate route planner and navigation software for the Pocket PC.

CNetX Flash Format - Format and repair Compact Flash and SD Cards cards

CNetX HandyZip - Create and open Zip files in your Pocket PC

PromaSoft GPSAssist - GPSAssist is a Pocket PC 2002 application and expands TomTom Navigator with several useful functions/tools. The GPSAssist add-on seamlessly integrates into TomTom Navigator one or two.

Kathie Kingsley-Hughes
Last updated: May 4th 2004
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