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Looks like there's a new variant of the Nigerian Scam going around.  Look at what we received in our email box this morning ...

Abidjan cote D`Ivoire 
West Africa.

Dearest One, 

I am the first duaghter of an ex military/ex president
been an opposition party to the present Government of
COTE D`IVOIRE. On the 19th sept 2002 my father/mother
including every members of our family was murdered by
the unknown REBELS during the time they attack our
house by shooting and looting, even this is one of the
things that contributed to the present crisis in our
country today. 

God so kind I was not in town when the incident
occurred, the plans of the REBELS is to kill every
members of our family so that no one will rise up to
revenge as time goes on. I am in our country without
any one knowing although I am on hiding so that the
unknown REBELS will not get to me and kill me like
they killed all the members of our family. Why I still
stay back in our country is to transfer the $18.5mUSD
which my late father deposited in the custody of

he deposited the fund as a family treasure containing
AFRICAN ART WORK FOR EXPORT for security reasons, as
security company does not operate as bank where some
one can deposit his/her money openly. 
Before the death of my father he gave me the covering
documents of the fund deposited in the security
company, as I am his first duaghter and he so much
loved me that was why he made me the beneficiary of
the two iron trunk boxes containing the $18.5mUSD.
Right now I wish to transfer this fund to you so that
you will assist me to invest the money into any viable
sector in your country, also you will help me to join
you in your country for me to start up a new life with
you there immediately the fund gets to you. since I am
no longer safe as far as Africa is concern at the
moment, I wanted to transfer the fund before leaving
the country because this fund is my last hope and the
only hope I have now. 

Before I even pick you to assist me I have prayed and
slept over it asking God to provide for me a Godly
minded person that will assist me in this transaction.
I will give you more details of the transaction in my
next mail. 
Awaiting to here from you. 

Thanks and God bless you. 
Rose Guei. 

Do You Yahoo!? -- Une adresse gratuite et 
en français ! 
Yahoo! Mail :

Yep, more heart-wrenching tales, more promises of great riches and more bad spelling and dodgy grammar!

Do I need to say it - these are nothing but scams.  If you think not, send a reply indicating that you are interested and see what happens.  Before long snags will crop up, snags that require you to part with cash for a variety of reasons (fake bank changes, bribes, fake customs fees, that sort of thing).  The scam works by trying to cloud your mind with vast sums (the hook) and then asking for what seems like small amounts to facilitate the transaction (the catch).

REMEMBER - If it sounds too good to be true - it is!

Here's another one designed to get around spam filters.  Do you think this person ever went to medical school!  

Get Those Med*s You Need Right Now 

No Cost Online Doctor*s Approval & Consultation 

Specializing in the MOST POPULAR, 
yet hard to find High Level 
Muscle Relaxer*s, 
Pain Relief, & pre.scription Sleeping Aid Med*s such as 
V.ALIUM, X.anax, S.oma, F.ioricet, 
A.mbien, V.iagra, F.lexoril, 
& MORE. 

Order Now & Get Overnight Shipping   

No Prior Prescription Required

I don't!

See how they are trying to circumvent email filters by adding that full stop in the middle of what are good keywords - a new scheme.  If you rely on email filters to scan incoming email for you or your kids it's a good idea to add a few of these punctuated words to the filter.

Finally, this one:

We Offer A Complete Solution - To Name A Few...
* 1000's FreeToSell e-Books 
* e*b*a*y Entrepreneur Software
* 400 Website Templates 
* e*b*a*y Sell Wholesale Goods
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* e*b*a*y Ready To Sell Website
* Virtual Investigation Re-Sell Site 
* Instant Website Business Pkg
Step by Step Instructions & 
All Material Provided
Nothing To Lose Outside Of Two Minutes Of Your Time!
Visit Us Now & Receive 100 Bonus Advertising 

Wow!  My own e-book business!  How can I resist!    Unfortunately, the dinner sounds better.  Taking advice from a junk mailer about how to start and run a successful Internet business is shooting yourself in the foot before you start.  If you want to write e-books, just write them and get a copy of the Word to Reader converter that Microsoft has for Word or get one of the many PDF distillers out there. 

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes
Last updated: May 4th 2004
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