More Spam

More Spam

The percentage of span vs. ham seems to be increasing.  Even with border spam control on our email some still slip through the net and land in our inboxes.

Remember the golden rule though - Bin it!  Have a read through it if you want, and a laugh, but don't reply to it and don't click any "unsubscribe" links that the email might contain.

Reality check!  

There are still people out there that still think that if they get an email telling them that they've won some vast sum of money for doing nothing then it's got to be true - I mean, seriously, why is some guy (or gal) from the other side of the planet going to go to an internet cafe, find your email address and offer you 25 million notes out of the blue!  I mean, come off it.  

Reality check time!  

"If something seems to good to be true then it probably is!"

If all the "deals" I've been sent over the last quarter had paid out I'd be sitting on at least $250,000,000 - I'm not or I wouldn't be here typing this!

Trying to avoid the spam blockers!

Most spam is pretty standard junk but some are noteworthy, even if just because of the great lengths that the spammers will go to get through the nets and get attention!

Here's one:

WOW! indeed.  Here's another.  See the pattern?

Notice the news flash at the end to try to dilute the overall "spamminess" of the message.  I didn't ask for pharmacy drugs and I didn't ask for the news!  I've said it before and I'll say it again, don't trust your health to people who have to spam you to get the business.

On a positive note, we might be seeing a lot less Viagra spam now that Pfizer (the maker of Viagra) and Microsoft have launched lawsuits against the what they claim are "spam rings". 

Lotto fun!

Oh, and I've also won the lottery!  Good news, eh!  Take a look at this:

But wait for it - Not only did I win but dozens of other email addresses under my control "won" too - only the curious thing was that the "ref number" and "winning code" were the same for all - hardly worth collecting the prize if I have to share it with others!  Now what are the chances of that!

Needless to say, another scam where the only person hoping to be the winner is the scammer.

List your site!

I'm seeing a lot more of those "register your website" scams.  I've not registered my website with them, I know that and they do too, so who are they trying to kid:

These are just pathetic attempts to verify email addresses - don't click unsubscribe as you'll just get more junk!

More 419s

The 419 scams are still going around and most ramble on for a good few scrolls down the pathos filled page before getting to the point, so it's refreshing when they get to the point quickly :-)

I love the "NB" tacked onto the end!  Classic!

It's good to know though that some still know how to ramble on, and on, and on ... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Adrian Kingsley-Hughes
Last updated: Feb 2nd 2005
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