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Windows Vista Info

Norton prepares for Windows Vista with Norton 2007 products

Norton is getting ready for Windows Vista with their Norton 2007 range of products.

Currently, if you go to a store and take a look at the box for Norton Internet Security 2007 or Norton AntiVirus 2007, you wont see any mention of Windows Vista, but if you go to the Symantec website you'll find the following information:

Eligible for a free Windows Vista™ compatibility update

Microsoft® Windows Vista™ compatibility update subject to production release of the Windows Vista operating system within the service period. Separate downloads may be required. For more information, go to See Microsoft for Windows Vista system requirements.

What this means is that while current boxed versions of Norton AntiVirus 2007 and Internet Security 2007 might not be compatible with Windows Vista, Symantec will make available a free upgrade to anyone who needs it.  This means that you can buy with confidence, safe in the knowledge that if/when you do go up to Windows Vista, you will still have protection against hackers and malware trying to take over your PC.

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes
Last updated: Oct 9th 2006
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