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This section will be added to on a regular basis!

  • Desktop Sidebar - awesome desktop tool for easily checking email, playing music, checking system resources, searching the web, and very easy to use RSS feed reader. And also does sooooo much more. Excellent! Wouldn't be without it!!
  • IMSecure - Encrypt your instant messenger communications with IMSecure - from the makers of the Zone Alarm firewall. Works with MSN, ICQ, AOL, ICQ, Yahoo!, Trillian etc. There are two flavors of this software - a free version that works for one IM account and a Pro version (paid for) that works with multiple accounts and offers greater protection from spam and malicious attack.
  • IESPELL - A spell checker for Internet Explorer.  Ideal for forums!
  • MiniCLIP - Power up your Windows Clipboard with this robust and easy to use clipboard manager.
  • EasyGPS - Easily upload and download information to and from your GPSr.
  • Borland C++ compiler - Free C++ compiler
  • Waypoint Workbench 6.5 - Convert to and from many different grid coord types and much more.
  • Cool Ruler for measuring screen items
  • Eye Dropper gives hex and rgb colors on your screen
  • Post-it note software

Kathie Kingsley-Hughes
Last updated: April 21st 2005
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