Programming is the art of talking to your PC and having it understand and be carry out your instructions. In order to do this you need to understand the language and the grammar of that language before the things that you want to happen, happen. Different programming languages have different ways of doing things but the overall programming fundamentals remain pretty similar. In this section of our site we will also look at different languages and how they work.

Want to learn progamming?

Pick up a copy of our book "Beginning Programming" - it's been specially written to help people who want to get started on programming, but just don't know where to start. It can be very daunting when you want to learn and everyone tells you "You should learn this language" or "You need to get a qualification in that". Over the years many people have come to us to ask how they should get started, which language is best. Some people have said "OK I've learned this language - but where can I learn to program?" Kathie and I believe very strongly that if you want to learn something you're better off beginning right now while you're motivated!

So we wrote Beginning Programming to take you through the basic tenets of programming using tools that are free - so you don't need to spend hundreds on expensive packages or development environments. And we'll get you started on learning scripting, C++, and Java. We focus on the similarities between the languages and on how to think about what you're trying to do when you create a computer program.

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Also, I run an online training course called "Beginning Programming" at Barnes and Noble University if you're interested in learning more or if you have questions to ask. It's a free course so join today!

Simple Programming - Part 1

Programming isn't all about complicated, expensive, programming languages and having to compile code into executables - sometimes programming can be simple and in this set of simple articles I hope to introduce you to "simple yet effective" programming.

To begin with we'll look at batch files. Batch files are simple text files that contain instructions for the PC to carry out. Some people don't think of batch file programming as "real" programming but I'm not that fussy or that arrogant and think that if you are writing a file that makes the PC do something, you're programming!

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Adrian Kingsley-Hughes

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