Script is the coding technology that you can use to make your traditional Web pages come to life. With script you can make use of (or leverage) all the latest browser technologies, such as CSS and DHTML, and create cutting edge, compelling Web pages!

When we talk about "script" or "scripting" we are actually being very generic. The main language used for scripting on a Web page is called JavaScript which will work in all the latest browsers. Another is VBScript and will currently only work with Web pages when viewed through Interent Explorer.

Scripting is also used server-side - ASP scripts are just one example, of this.

Scripting can seem complicated or hard to learn but trust us when we say that it isn't. A few simple examples are all it takes to get the basics down. From that you can build on what you've learned and go on to create special, custom effects and applications.

Kathie Kingsley-Hughes

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