As you may know, we (along with our co-author Daniel Read) have released a new VBScript title To coincide with the release of VBScript Programmer's Reference, 2nd Ed we are launching a new area of out site dedicated to all things VBScript!

If you bought the book, thank you! You've invested in what most believed to be the best VBScript book on the market that is not only a "how-to" guide to teach you the skills of scripting, but also a definitive reference manual of the VBScript language.

On this site you'll find material that will support you in your learning of and using VBScript in your career or hobby. Think of this site as one of the support sites for the book, along with www.wrox.com. Here we'll expand on some of the code and ideas in the book and provide you with some additional tips and inside scoop on VBScript - the stuff that didn't fit anywhere in the book! The site will also contain late breaking information on the book so you might want to bookmark this page and come back regularly.

If you've not bought the book then this site will help you understand more about VBScript - the power of it, the capabilities, the also give you ideas of how you could make use of it, both on and off the web. Don't worry if you are new to VBScript or even programming as a whole - there will be something here for everyone, no matter what their level! Oh, and we'll also try to persuade you to buy the book a few times too ;-)

So, whether you are an experienced programmer making the move to VBScript, currently a VBScript user and just want a handy desk reference to replace trawling through websites and resources, a budding programmer wanting to try their hand at an easy to use language that doesn't require them to buy any additional software or a complete novice to programming but come here with a desire to learn and a sense of adventure, this book has something for all of you!

Enough talk! Let's get cracking with some VBScript!

VBScript is a powerful and easy to use scripting language that's happy whether you put it to work on the client side in the browser, on the server side (Active Server Pages or ASP) or on the desktop or intranet (in conjunction with Windows Script Host or WSH).

The other great thing we find about VBScript is that it is ideal for beginners to learn because it's so quick and easy to pick up. In fact, the language is so easy to follow that it's a very popular language that it is being taught to, learnt by and used by children who want to get to grips with fundamental programming concepts and principals.

Whether you're a complete novice, already programming or a complete programming guru, this VBScript section will have something for everyone!

Some of the following links require Internet Explorer 4 or greater to work. Opera, Netscape and Mozilla do not support VBScript.





Fun Stuff

You should also check out our VBScript Fun section which includes many of the more daffy apps that we've created for books and classes over the years. I've got a load of them to be pulled out of moth balls and a few of the real oldies that need to be updated for IE 6, so check back soon.

Kathie Kingsley-Hughes

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